This Fast Food Chain Just Highlighted Saudi Women and the Flash of Change

Via The New Khalij

Ever since the arrival of Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been witnessing some major social changes recently. From lifting the ban on cinemas to finally allowing the ladies to drive, the kingdom as we know it is expected change.

What we know for sure is that women are getting more of their rights every day. It’s finally happening, and it’s happening really fast.

Just in time for the Fifa World Cup 2018, McDonald’s; like all the big brands, had to participate in the advert marathon, and since Saudi’s tide of change is super high, they went with a feminist approach this time. The ad features women singing about fans and supporters behind every great team.

This time, it wasn’t the men they were talking about, they were pointing at themselves, women; wives, mothers, and sisters. According to McDonald’s advert, some women also love football and will be present to share the great historic moment celebrating their country’s great achievement of being qualified for the World Cup.

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