This Emirati Teenager Just Released Her First Single and We’re Here For It!

By Salma Maher

13-year-old Dubai Based Leah Depala just stepped into the spotlight with her first single “Cold” which only took her two days to write and record. Leah doesn’t plan on making this a one-time thing, the teenager has big dreams of becoming a professional singer and actress, and she’s just getting started.


“Cold” portrays how people feel after being in a failed relationship, even though the singer and songwriter wrote the words out of sheer empathy, she did quite a good job at portraying the aftermath of it all.

With “Cold” already out on different music streaming sites like Spotify, it’s clear to see the impact of these streaming apps for young, upcoming musicians. Spotify allows your music to reach more people worldwide, giving more opportunity for artists like Leah to start gathering a fan base.

To take your music career to the next level in the modern world, uploading your work onto streaming sites is important. With a decline in CD sales, it’s much more probable that people will listen to your music via Spotify and Apple Music. Any artists wondering how to achieve similar success to Leah might be interested in looking at purchasing spotify plays to help your music get recognized by more people. Taking steps like this will hopefully make your career take off, giving you similar success to artists like Leah! Maybe you’ll be releasing your first single soon!

Leah is now working on her next song, with the hope of eventually creating an album. As for her current hit, you’ll find “Cold” on numerous music platforms such as Itunes, Apple music, Spotify, and Anghami. Be sure to stream or buy her single, to help her grow as an artist. It can’t be easy being as young as Leah in the music industry, but streaming her song will definitely help her achieve her dreams.

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