This Abu Dhabi Cafe is Changing the World by Changing Their Hiring Policy

The Bee Cafe in Abu Dhabi is a very special place, and not because they serve amazing coffee! This unique cafe is the kind of place where once you set foot inside, you’ll immediately fall in love. From its mod-con interiors and delicious coffee to the heartwarming candour of its staff, every little element makes it truly one-of-a-kind.

With their soft opening taking place earlier this month, The Bee Cafe is the first cafe in the UAE to be run entirely by people of determination. They’re currently employing around 6 members of staff who have actually gone through intense training since the beginning of this year. Employees learn barista skills, customer service, and hospitality training, enabling them to do literally everything, from taking orders to making and serving a wide range of coffees, socializing with guests and so much more.

According to The National, the interiors of the cafe have been perfectly designed to serve the needs of the employees. For example, the counter’s size is customized for wheelchair access, and the mechanized cabinets can be lowered with only a push of a button, again, making them more accessible to those in wheelchairs. The cafe is also accessible to all mobility-impaired customers, with lower, rounded tables and anti-skid tiles. 

The non-profit government organization, Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, was founded in Abu Dhabi in 2004 and they now run the Bee the Change campaign, which aims to increase the employment rate of people of determination on both national and international levels. It was because of this campaign that The Bee Cafe came about!

WE SAID THIS: Hopefully this inspires others to follow suit!