“They Tortured Everyone” Palestinian Activist Ahed Tamimi Speaks Up After Being Released From Prison

Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi was one of 30 Palestinian prisoners released by Israel on Wednesday, November 29. Under an extended truce in Gaza, Tamimi was arrested on November 6 after the outbreak of the attacks between Hamas and Israel. The Israeli forces had raided her home and put her in detention, her whereabouts remained unknown.

Tamimi, who made it to international news after a picture of her biting the arm of an Israeli soldier went viral was released in a deteriorating health condition. According to her interviews with several news channels, all of the women prisoners were tortured and beaten, and ten of them were mothers who left their children to face an unknown destiny. Tamimi also said that the soldiers threatened to kill her father if she spoke up about the violations happening inside the prison. She added that there is no food, water, or clothes, commenting that the situation is extremely hard.

Her arrest in October came right after what seemed to be a fabricated Instagram story posted by one of the social media accounts claiming Tamimi’s name. The story referred to fascism and the holocaust. Moreover, this was not the first time Tamimi was arrested. In 2017 she was imprisoned for eight months after slapping two Israeli soldiers.

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