There’s a Rubber Duck in the Nile, and Everyone Is Losing Their Minds


What the actual duck?!?! A huge rubber duck was spotted in Cairo, and everyone is literally losing their minds. People simply just want to know what this duck is doing, what it represents, and where it’s heading.


Rumor has it, El Batta (we’ll just call it that for now) is all Mountain View’s idea! In fact, some of us here at Scoop Empire believe that this may be part of their “True Essence of Summer Campaign”.


If so, it could be argued that Mountain View is trying to give us some nostalgic feels and revive our childhood memories; reminding us of how simple summer used to be. But honestly, we just need to get to the bottom of this and find out what is the purpose of this duck, pronto.


FUN FACT: You can always check out the following hashtags to know more about El Batta – #ElBatta, #Stalktheduck, #MountainViewEgypt, #MountainViewLife, #SummerStartsHere, #MountainViewRasElHikma, #TrueEssenceOfSummer, #MountainViewAndTheDuck, #.البطة_فين



WE SAID THIS: If Mountain View is behind this rubber duck, we’re glad that they’ve managed to make people so happy.

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