Inglot: Women of Egypt, Your Makeup Dreams Are Finally Coming True

The world of beauty does not come without high-quality, flawless and confidence-boosting makeup. And with women around the world becoming more makeup savvy than ever (thanks to beauty bloggers, vloggers, and online makeup tutorials), the beauty industry has witnessed a genuine and international soar in popularity.


Egypt is no exception to the aforementioned soaring popularity of makeup. Indeed, Egyptian women have learned and mastered contouring, highlighting, and concealing like pros. This has created a consequent and unprecedented demand for high-end make up retailers and brands.





Inglot’s first store will be located in Citystars. A partner in managing Inglot and inaugurating its presence in Egypt this 2017 is Baraka Retail Group, a front-runner in the field of introducing several store fronts to the Egyptian market that also happens to be the RLI Middle East Retailer Award Winner in 2017. The Group is expected to launch two more Inglot stores over the next six months, one in Mall of Egypt and the other in Mall of Arabia.



This essentially means that the elegant, clean, sharp and safe haven for any makeup lover will now officially serve Egyptian women, with its exceptional Inglot cosmetics and in-store makeup. Did we also mention that the exclusive Inglot makeup services – available in all concept stores across six continents – will be offered in Egypt’s first Inglot store? We can definitely say that the quality and diversity of cosmetic products available in Egypt has forever been elevated and changed.


Egyptian women, rejoice! Inglot, one of the world’s leaders in cosmetics, a stand-alone brand with a reputation spanning across 600 locations in 80 countries, is opening its very first store in Egypt.



This ought not be a surprise, since Inglot is infamous for its innovation, and its capacity to harness the expertise and consultations of makeup artists and gurus, as well as color consultants from all over the around. This edge means that Inglot is seen globally as the master of colors and beauty.


Indeed, with a collection comprising of 450 ways to emphasize the lips, 300 ways to portray the face, 600 ways to enhance the eyes, and 400 shades to accentuate the nails, it is no shocker that Inglot has been the makeup sponsor of several blockbuster movies – like Mama Mia – and Broadway musicals like The Lion King.



Next time you find yourself in Citystars, make sure to visit Level 3 in Phase 2, and brace yourselves for an exclusively fabulous experience that will make your beauty dreams come true.



WE SAID THIS: Rejoice, makeup lovers!

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