The World’s Largest Conscious Tech Summit Is Coming to Egypt’s Sahl Hasheesh

The world is changing, and for us to be able to find solutions to our modern problems, we need to create ways with traditional resolutions and think outside the box. To do that, we need to understand that communicating ideas should be a key pillar of our growing global society. In November, one major platform for communicating new ideas is coming to the Red Sea’s expanding tech hub, Sahl Hasheesh, with a roaster of intriguing local as well as international speakers.

The second edition of the world’s largest conscious tech platform, Vested Summit, which will be running from the 9th to the 11th of November in Sahl Hasheesh, is focused on solving real-world problems through the use of technology and innovation.

The summit targets regional as well as global audiences from over 25 countries with 1,500 delegates with more than 50 speakers and 100 start-ups, covering three main track investment, technology, and SuperPowers.

In addition to numerous business sharks, the event is packed with regional investors and international accelerators, including 179two, Sawari Ventures, Village Capital, Softex, Alex Angels, among other institutional and Angel giants from Silicon Valley, Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The thirty top conscious tech startups in the Middle East and Africa will get the chance to pitch proposals to these investors.

Along with an exciting line-up of speakers, this year, the summit brings Emmy-nominee and world-renowned host of National Geographic’s Brain Games, Jason Silva, for the first time to Egypt who will be this year’s ambassador for ‘#ConsciousTech’ and the main guest speaker for the summit. 

Tech enthusiasts of the region, brace yourselves for three days of the ultimate showdown of everything related to blockchain, digital fabrication, cleantech, and voice tech, AI, VR, and AR. In an effort to advance radical change, these solutions will focus on tackling many of our modern world’s problems, including poverty, water scarcity, global warming, health care, education, and financial inclusion.

Salma El Hariry, Founder of Vested Summit said: “We believe that 70% of world growth will come from emerging markets in the next few years. That’s why we want to build a community of #consciousTech stakeholders. These are the rebels willing to take a risk to solve real-world problems.”

The conscious part of Vested Summit’s Conscious Tech slogan is the SuperPowers track, opening the door to discussion about raising awareness as well as consciousness for the advancement of humankind.

“Vested is not just any other conference. It’s the world’s first #ConsciousTech summit that is built with the aim of putting emerging market talents on the global innovation map and changing the world for the better by bringing humanity to technology to solve the present and future real-world problems”, concluded Salma. “We are here to shed light on the world’s mindful risk-taking entrepreneurs exploring frontier technologies to make a real positive impact on humanity.” She added.

The international roaster of speakers during this year’s summit include Wael El Hatow, CEO at ERC; Nikolaos Mavridis, Founder & Director of Interactive Robotics and Media Lab and Creator of Ibn Sina Robot; Manish Behl, Founder of Mindfulness India Summit; Bassima Abdelrahman, co-chair at the World Economic Forum, Caroline Julien, President at CREO, a studio that creates immersive experiences and digital content using VR/AR; Reza Kazemipour, Founder & General Partner at 179two Capital and Liam Martin, Co-Founder of RunningRemote.

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