The Search for a Shark in Distress Has Been Initiated by HEPCA and This Is How You Can Help


One marine and land conservation non-profit is asking Egyptians and tourists alike to keep their eye out for a shark in distress. This morning on their Facebook page, HEPCA posted two pictures of a shark with what appears to be some sort of rope tangled around its gills.

Many Facebook commenters pointed out that this particular shark was seen in October of 2018, exactly one year ago, with the same entanglement around the same area in Brothers Island, 67 kilometers off El Qosier’s coast. However, upon further investigation, HEPCA’s Marketing Manager, Soha Elramy pointed out that these are two separate cases, and that the island’s diving center managed to free last year’s shark from its entanglement, releasing it back to the sea.


The post pleaded all divers in the area to look for the shark, and if someone happens to find it, they should immediately contact HEPCA, which will accordingly delegate a marine biologist and a mooring specialist to handle the situation and set the shark free.

HEPCA is an internationally-recognized NGO founded in 1992 in response to the dire environmental threats endangering the Red Sea’s delicate and pristine eco-system.

“Beachgoers and divers alike should understand that any plastic object we use, whether on sea or land, should be disposed of properly. When plastic gets to the sea, marine life is the victim. We are asking everyone to try and limit their plastic use,” Elramy said to Scoop Empire.

At the time being, HEPCA is working with divers and volunteers trying to gather information about the poor shark, and once they pinpoint its location, a team of specialists and divers will head there to set it free.

WE SAID THIS: If you happen to spot this shark while diving near El Qosier or Brothers Island, contact HEPCA immediately!