The Walking Dead: A Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse in Egypt

AMC’s hit zombie series, The Walking Dead, will be returning for their 11th and final season this month, and decided to graciously drop us some sneak peeks beforehand. No doubt has the show cemented its name in TV history. Given its web of plots and character development, the series delves far deeper than just merely fighting the undead. The personal adventures for each character show just how much the real threat of the world’s current state is about the other survivors. Although the setting of the show takes places entirely in the United States from what we’ve been shown so far, we figured we’d have a go at the possible turnout of such a ‘walker world’ scenario right here at home, in Egypt. Also, its interesting to mention that the Pentagon have already laid out a strategic plan should a zombie apocalypse take place. Yes, this is true. So, without further ado, let’s contemplate about just how screwed we’d be…

Cairo is the last place you need to be in

Considering how many have undermined the seriousness of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic in regards to implementing safety measures, just imagine the sheer panic such an apocalypse would have on this city. We can barely make room for each other on the ring road, at ‘ahwas,’ and pretty much anywhere else. Personal space is a foreign word around here. Ideally, we’d need to get to higher ground or isolated areas to avoid infection. Some parts of Mokattam, Wadi Degla, the Fifth Settlement, and many other areas would serve us well in regards to isolation. For those who live in Downtown Cairo, we regret to inform you that if you’re outside of your home by this point, all we can say is we’ll dedicate a country song for you.

Our inability to keep quiet will be the end of us

Every vesba, car, tuk-tuk, or just a group or friends chilling at a kiosk carry with them the potential in attracting a horde of ‘walkers.’ From blasting mahraganat or Sheikh Yassin El Tohamy tracks, to yelling out “Ya Abo Hamza!,” each moment Cairo residents live out their days as they would now will only further annihilate the city. We need to keep quiet, or worst case scenario if we’re going to be loud, be prepared with some type of fortification and weaponry. There are probably going to be countless lives lost already by this point, but our incessant habits of those celebratory honks and shoutouts to others rest assured, will make the others drop like flies.

Hit the road

There is a wide assortment of enchanting scenery in Egypt, and now is probably the time to hit the road and get moving. Be it the road to Sokhna, Sinai, or wherever else, its time to hitchhike (or drive yourself) somewhere else, even if its just temporary. If there’s anything we’ve learned from The Walking Dead, it’s staying in a city where both walkers and several million non-infected people are still running around in side streets or on highways like bumper cars are not convenient scenarios to be in. The Fifth Settlement can actually be a good place to take shelter in assuming you avoid all the malls, given the space of the area and due to bigger roads instead of everyone being cramped up as would be the case with Zamalek/Downtown to name a few.

Stock up & lock up

If you haven’t already stocked up on water, food, medical kits, hygiene products and shelter, then there may still be time before the full wrath of society’s demise comes crashing down. Find out with your family, friends, fellow survivors, or even just on your own, what location serves best at the moment to be locked up in until yet another supply run is needed. Times like these will prove most challenging in trusting fellow survivors, as people’s fight or flight response will be fully activated, and moral ethics and principles may be shut down or non-existent for this kind of a world. Everyone is collectively going through this traumatic experience, so how each and every person chooses to survive may be deemed a threat to others. Given that by this point, Egypt’s infrastructure will probably have already crashed, each person’s efforts for survival mode counts.

Choose your allies wisely

No room for macho, loud mouthed, and impulsive decision making survivors. If you can’t trust your potential allies in keeping watch, in not throwing you to the wolves (walkers in this case), in sharing like-minded survival mindsets, it’s time to let them go. Not that you can be too picky with your friends in this state of the world, but each survivor’s specific skill set should be put to use, regardless what it is. In this kind of a world, friends can easily become foes, also quite evident throughout The Walking Dead. No one will be held accountable by the law anymore, so all you got are your wits, your instinct, your weaponry, and your fellow survivor friends.

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