The Smart Way To Start Your Own Business: 10 Things I Have Learnt As A Business Owner

Life throws you curve balls, sometimes for the better, sometimes to teach you a lesson. But in my years as an employee then as a business owner these are the 10 most important things i’ve learnt:

  1. Take school seriously, not the subjects necissairly but the ability to learn from your surroundings. The more your willing to take in the more likely you’ll be able to adapt to your settings and take what you need from them to apply it to your life and business.
  2. Risks, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, take the risks they’ll most likely pay off, if it doesn’t well hey you’ve come out with one hell of a experience!
  3. You’ll fail, no big deal. Don’t sit and wallow in it, move the hell on. Some of the world’s billionaires were failures and dropouts, look at them now!
  4. Appreciate the different people you meet on your journey, you’ll never know how they may cross your path again or how you may end up benefiting one another. Be open!
  5. Set your goals high, that’s the only way you’ll get yourself to achieve them. Putting goals you know you can achieve easily will never help you excel and move forward.
  6. You are the most important asset you have. Invest in yourself, take classes, read books, attend seminars, as cheesy as this sounds you are the key to your success.
  7. Don’t ever give up, you would be amazed with the amount of projects i have put on the back burner thinking they were useless until i found the right opprtunity for them. Timing is EVERYTHING.
  8. Be greatful, give back! You create your own Karma.
  9. You want that dream job? Make it!! The only way you’ll wake up every morning motivated is if your a hundred percent convinced with what your doing.
  10. Never be too big for anyone, your worst enemy is your EGO! That little person you shunned away for their “stupid” idea, may just end up being your demise later on! Hear everyone out!