The Ritz Bar Is Offering You the Chance to Experience the Delish Taste of its All-American Burger

Searching for the perfect burger can be quite a hassle. There are several, decent joints out there, but do any of them offer that unique All-American taste? Well, the search for the perfect, most authentic burger is about to come to a satisfying end.

Imagine feasting on a massive, juicy burger while sipping on an ice-cold beverage. We’re describing a foodie’s heaven, aren’t we? Well, the Ritz Bar offers burger lovers a chance to delve into a one-of-a-kind experience. The Great American Burger is a collection of flavors with the texture of gourmet hamburger styles, prepared with signature recipes from all over the United States of America.

The Ritz Bar will not only be offering the best burger in all of Cairo but a number of superbly-prepared, mouthwatering flavored side dishes as well. Trust us on this one, it will be the best fine-dining experience you have had in a long while.

Guests at the Ritz Bar can find menu innovations that give insight into the distinctive taste and the vibrant ingredients, with one truly photo-friendly presentation.

The Great American Burger is not just another burger, it is one with a story. It is an experience that will take you on a roadtrip across America. The first of the many entries is to launch in September, with each consecutive month dedicated to a specific regional burger. The All-American burger is the first to launch followed by the classic New York-style pub burger. Onto the next destination, the Ritz’s journey across the US takes us to Kentucky with their fried onion burger, and then south to have our taste buds melt into the tortilla burger of Louisiana.

The recipes feature regional burgers from California, Florida, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Hawaii, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

There are several options to suit all types of tastes, from beef and chicken to veggie and melted cheese. The entries are endless. Imagine losing yourself in a juicy patty placed in a fresh bun dripping with burger sauce and topped with pickles and sautéed onions.

The chefs of the Ritz-Carlton promise to elevate the fast-food classic to new heights with their own, unique spins.

Here are some of the ones we’ve tried for reference, but bear in mind that a new take on the burger will be released each month.

The All-American Burger

If you love juicy burgers, the All-American Burger has exactly what you’re looking for. It uniquely brings together the right mixture of ingredients – freshly made split-top bakery-style buns, slices of tomatoes, crisp cap leaf lettuce, homemade burger sauce, sliced onions, bacon, and topped with slices of cheddar cheese. And served with french fries & coleslaw salad.

New York

New York is a fast-food haven, with so many different types of burgers, but if you happen to wonder what the quintessential New York burger will taste like, you will definitely have to try the one at the Ritz Bar. The standard New York Burger is cut through with roasted mushrooms, placed within freshly baked burger buns, with the juiciest New York BBQ sauce, caramelized onions, brie, and bacon. It is incredibly moist and of course, served with rustic fries and guacamole.


They say everything in Texas is bigger. Well, that applies to burgers too. The popular Texas-style, tick or thin, is served on a bun that’s toasted until the perimeter gets a nice crunch to it and piled high with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, pickles, and raw onions. Mustard and mayonnaise go on the bun, accompanied with parmesan fries and corn on the cob.


The one and only juicy original fillet! It is made especially for those who eat more fried chicken than a burger. The ingredients include freshly crispy chicken patty, honey-mustard sauce, apple coleslaw topped with a burger bun served with the delicious onion rings and house salad.


Louisiana has it different, with its Cajun battered fish fillet, topped with tartare sauce, a pile of romaine lettuce, and tomato marmalade. This fish sandwich is a great way to get the kids to eat more fish served with tempura fries and tomato salad.

WE SAID THIS: So what are you waiting for? Definitely give these burgers a try!