Carmen Bsaibes and Dhafer L’Abidine’s Beauty Is Too Much for Our Screens

Yes, they are back. The dynamic duo from Ramadan hit show ‘Layali Eugenie’ are back with a new love story and some definite tear-jerking scenes.

Two years ago, Carmen Bsaibes made her Egyptian TV debut and her beauty left us all in awe. The young lady is graceful and royal with a serene and calm type of beauty.

"الناس مفيها تشوفك من جوّا وتعرفك على حقيقتك إلا إذا تقرّبت منك..” عروس بيروت من الأحد للخميس الساعة ٩ مساءً بتوقيت السعودية على MBC4 ⏰#DhaferLabidine

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It did not help that Dhafer L’abifine’s character was not reciprocating her undying love. Yet, the Lord is great and we are blessed with the show ‘Arous Beirut’ where the couple is insanely beautiful and ridiculously in love.

Via Carmen Bsaibes

The series follows the show of a singer, Thuraya, who lost her parents and raised by her aunt. The artist soon meets prince charming and businessman, Fares, and marries him against all odds.

فارس يعترف بحقيقة مشاعره لثريا في عروس بيروت#DhaferLabidine

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The series is the Lebanese version of the highly popular Turkish TV show “Bride of Istanbul”. It has only been airing for a few weeks, yet fans are loving it. However, some fans have been feeling quite disappointed that the show is the exact replica of the Turkish version.

The show airs on MBC 4 Sunday to Thursday at 6 pm and

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