The Myths Of New Year’s Resolutions: Do We Really Need Them?

2023 is knocking on our doors, and so is the desire to write a long wish list with everything we want to accomplish in the upcoming year. We’ve grown into the habit of writing new year’s resolutions, and our hearts bounce, every time we cross something off the checklist. These resolutions are for grownup, ambitious people who have no time to waste and so much to accomplish, but do we need them really?

Let’s get one thing out of the way, it is helpful to set goals for ourselves. It has been proven that those who are goal-oriented, organized, and determined are more likely to achieve more in life. It’s not the concept itself we’re questioning, but the how and why.

Making a start on the route you want might be encouraged through to-do lists and new year’s resolutions. It is important that the checklist you set for yourself however, is for guidance rather than a cutthroat list that has to be achieved lest you fail. Have the right mindset that is kind to yourself before writing down your resolution.

Setting big goals

See, individuals frequently include ALL of their life goals—not just those for a single year—which is a huge number of things, making it impractical to expect to accomplish them all in one year. Therefore, the majority of the time when people “claim” to have failed in sticking to their lists, it’s simply because it was impossible to achieve in the first place. Set small, achievable goals for yourself.

Many individuals say it loud and clear “My to-do list stresses me out.”

What we’re trying to say is, to-do lists are not a contest or a self-assessment tool, wherein you can measure your successes and failures. Yes, you should have goals and general timeframes, but you don’t have to stifle yourself with strict deadlines and endless comparisons with the people next to you.

A much bigger value

Everyone has his own pace and capabilities, and sometimes you can find other things in the middle of the way that you can perceive as more worthy of your effort and time. You are not limited to a checklist, or to a 365-day timeline. Your value doesn’t lie in how long your new year’s resolution is or how many things you’ve crossed off the checklist, and you’re definitely not in competition with anyone but yourself.

Each person defines their goals and dreams, and we’re not saying that to-do lists or new year’s resolutions should be frowned upon. However, one should monitor the why’s and how’s. You shouldn’t feel less of yourself because you fell short in keeping up with it, or because others have longer, more ambitious wishlists than you do. As long as you’re perseverant and adamant about achieving the goals suitable for you, then you’re on the right path.

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