The Modern Ashram: All About the Yogi Taking Egypt’s North Coast by Storm

There is no doubt that meditation, breathwork, and yoga have an abundance of health benefits. Whether it’s because of the mental or physical health benefits, these three concepts are becoming increasingly popular, especially during the time of crisis that we’re facing as a result of the pandemic. We had a quick chat with one of the experts in the field, the man behind The Modern Ashram, to discuss how his journey started, the health benefits of meditation and breathwork, and how to book a class while you’re in Sahel!

The Modern Ashram is currently hosting a pop-up summer wellness program at The G Hotel on Egypt’s North Coast. If you’re already into meditation and yoga or if you’re interested in starting something new that’s beneficial to you while enjoying your Sahel vacation, then here you go!

When and how did you get into yoga and meditation?

It was the year 2015, and I was living in Dubai working as a sales associate. I got into a major depression, mainly because I felt very lost in my way in life. I didn’t know who to resort to, as I found it very hard for others to understand my feelings at the moment, so I needed some higher connection or guidance. I decided to travel to South-east Asia and start my trip to Bali, where I attended a silent retreat with a dear friend. It was there that I started learning about meditation and yoga, and also a series of books named “Conversations With God” were at the retreat library and I started to read them during my time there. I came back from this trip, and my spiritual journey and awakening began, I could already begin to feel the improvement in my life and depression.

What inspired you to take on this journey?

I was reaching rock-bottom, and I have even tried to take some anti-depressants for my depression. They only made me feel worse, I was starting to lose hope in life until I began to read about meditation and its endless benefits. I said to myself I must learn how to meditate and give this practice a shot, so I inspired and pushed myself to explore meditation and all that comes around it. From there my life and mental health started transforming, and something sparked within me. 

Who are your influences when it comes to yoga?

I don’t have any specific influence when it comes to yoga, I guess like all practices I resonate the most with the energy of the teacher or the practitioner and how they can hold space for their students during their class or ritual. Yoga is a very sacred holistic practice. 

What do you do besides yoga?

A lot actually. I have my two other primary practices: breathwork and meditation. I love to read and write, something so therapeutic about reading and writing. I enjoy being around beautiful scenery in nature, listening to music sets, enjoying intimate gatherings with friends and loved ones, and always creating something that aligns with my values and mission.

What is your advice for people to avoid injuring themselves while practicing yoga at home?

Mmmmm, I am not the best to give that advice as I am not a yoga instructor, but I guess I would tell them always to push themselves too hard if they feel discomfort or intense pain, your body is intelligent enough to know its limits. 

Talk to us about the health benefits of meditation.

The benefits are too many; the list is endless, suitable for everything you can imagine, but you will benefit from the experience. Natural painkiller, helps me focus and makes decisions, anti-depressant, energy booster, Balances my emotions, releases tension, helps me understand and love myself, expands all my options in life, connects me to my creator, guides my actions, strengthens the immune system, creates happiness, changes the brains neurocircuits (Brain Plasticity), enhances all your senses, balances stress levels, helps you experience oneness, regulates hormones and brain chemicals. I could go on forever!

How can someone book a class?

Simply DM @themodernashram on Instagram, or send an email on

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