The Line: Saudi Arabia to Introduce First Zero Carbon City as Part of NEOM

Can you imagine a life much easier and healthier? A life more humane yet innovative? Well, Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohamed bin Salman, unveiled plans to build a zero-carbon city at NEOM called ‘The Line’, the first major construction project aiming to diversify the economy of the world’s largest oil exporter. The Line is meant to represent a new lifestyle that can sustainably cope with growth, unlike the contemporary cities.

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Prince Mohammed bin Salman said the city would extend over 170 km (105 miles) and will be able to house a million residents in “carbon-positive urban developments powered by 100% clean energy”. This means a full re-design, no cars, no streets, building around nature instead of over it, everything you need is always a 5-minute walk away, invisible technology generates care-free and open urban space, and most importantly, sustainability will always be a priority.

The Line is a never-before-seen approach to urbanization, a city with new services driven by Artificial Intelligence; a 170km revolution in urban living by protecting the earth’s nature while creating unmatched livability.


Located in NEOM, the city will link the coast of the Red Sea with the mountains and upper valleys of the north-west of Saudi Arabia. The location is at the crossroads of the world, making it a natural choice for a global innovation hub. More than 40% of the global population will be able to reach NEOM’s breathtaking terrain in less than a four-hour flight, while 13% of the world’s trade already flows through the Red Sea.

The Line is built in a way that connects 4 ecologies, from coastal beaches and desert to upper valleys and mountains.


The Line will be a city integrated with nature, restoring the connection with nature to improve health and wellbeing for everyone. No cars, just humans! This is a community built for people, with no more than a five-minute walk to live, work, and play.

Clean energy means a more sustainable future for us all; the city will be enabled by the latest technology in order for its residents to live an easier life.

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