The Hidden Meanings Behind Gemstone Jewelry: Exploring Symbolism In Arab Designers Collections

When we think about gemstones, we picture large crystal pieces that have been cut and polished for usage in a variety of artistic mediums. There are a number of Arab jewelry designers who are able to include them into their various collections, highlighting narratives and symbols that these precious stones convey as well as the therapeutic benefits that they are said to provide.

Exquisitely used in a variety of accessories, they convey the energy of love, inner peace and positivity.

Hana Designs

Egypt’s Hana Designs, owned by designer Sherihan Hayaly, includes gemstones in their jewelry designs. The designer boasts the use of stones in her designs and explains the benefits of the different stones. For example, the cherry quartz stone, found in their necklaces is said to have a variety of healing capabilities that range from the treatment of psychological traumas to awakening one’s emotional energy center.

Glanz Jewelry

In the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, Glanz Jewelry, the name German for “glamor,” sells a variety of gemstones, from pearls to lapis. Saudi founder, Maha Ajaj said in an interview with Arab News that what motivates her brand’s creations is how, “gemstones energize the body and certain chakras as well as help heal lethargy.” Glanz Jewelry also sell gemstones on their own as the brand believes that they provide the strength and vitality for people to move more and become more healthy and happy.


Launched back in 2021, this up-and-coming jewelry brand was founded by jewelry designer Lien Sulaiman. Based in Dubai, Holei is known for exquisite designs that carry their own stories. Their creation “Melos” refers to a beautiful island in Greece, where the inspiration of these earrings came from celebrate the beauty of the island. The earrings are designed using Jade and Lapiz Lazuli gemstones which are believed to release stress and bring deep peace along with increasing creativity.

Nadine Jewelry

Based in Jeddah and Genève, Nadine Jewelry‘s designs are inspired by nature, spirituality and culture. With the use of Canary Apatite gemstone, the brand was able to create the “Canaria set” which symbolizes delicacy and sweetness. The design is inspired by the canary specie with its gold feather detail in each piece. According to gemstone experts, the Canary Apatite is a stone of dual-action, bestowing strength for the pursuit of personal qualities and achievement of collective goals.

Fabula Jewels

With branches in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, Fabula Jewels is a brand that sells 18-carat gold, diamonds and a number of precious gemstones. These stones are then integrated into the designs of bracelets, chains, and rings to add a luxurious touch. The brand was founded in 2015 by childhood friends Darine Abu Salim and Saada Domloge.

It is astounding the believed benefits of the different stones with research on their psychological and physical benefits. Many designers in the region are looking to implement such precious stones in their designs and not just for beauty purposes but now for believed health benefits.

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