The Funniest Ashgan and Azmy Video Is Here and We’re Done with Ta2er ElHobb

We don’t know why Ta2er ElHobb (The Bird of Love) is suddenly all over social media with its memes and GIFs, but we can’t help but enjoy how bad it is. So, back in 2005 Fifi Abdou and Kamal Abu Raya joined forces to bring us Ta2er ElHobb. Abdou played Ashgan on the show, a writer who can’t get over her first puppy love for Abu Raya, known as Azmy, who turns out to be a criminal.


While we do love the plot, nothing about this series is right in all the right ways. Facebook user, Ahmed Atif, has taken it upon himself to hilariously analyze every scene. It is so good and we kindly ask everyone to leave our Fifi alone. It was 2005 guys, give her a break.





WE SAID THIS: Ben7ebek ya Fofa!