The Freelance Life: 5 Middle Eastern Websites for Your Side Hustles

With the ongoing pandemic and the challenges of finding work throughout it, many have been searching for side hustles to make money, to gain more experience, and to make a career switch. As a result, freelancing has been the best option for many as more and more websites are created, with an endless amount of courses available in many fields. For those in the Middle East though, here are five freelancing websites you can count on!


This freelancing website offers jobs in various fields including business, design, writing and translation, marketing, development, programming, and much more. Getting your first freelance project will be difficult, but once you get it, other jobs will come raining down on you. Any freelance job you get on the website will start from $5 USD, hence the name Khamsat, meaning fives.

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This website covers over 30 countries for freelancers and employers. Employers of Ureed include international companies such as Amazon, Noon, and Emirates Foundation. As a freelancer, you have the option of delving into the fields of graphics & design, writing, sales & marketing, technology & programming, and much more.

I don't have work experience. How can I earn an income on" - Insights
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Mostaql, meaning independent, is one of the best freelancing platforms in the Arab world, connecting the best employers with the best freelancers. There are business and consultancy jobs, as well as web and apps development, writing, translation and editing. Everything is very clear and displayed well on the website and landing your first job here is sure to open several doors for you.

مستقل | وظف أفضل المستقلين لإنجاز أعمالك
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Specifically for designers, TasmeemME means my design. The website is dedicated for all kinds of creatives in design jobs including motion graphics, graphic design, architecture, photography, animation, and illustration.

TasmeemME a social network dedicated to creative talent in the #MENA |  Interactive & Social Media news in the Middle East
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This website identifies itself as the Freelance Services Marketplace in the Middle East. The meaning of the website name means write for me, and you’d think it’s a website for writing of all sorts, but there are actually many employers from many fields such as digital marketing, video & animation, business, and writing & translation. All you need to know about getting a job on Iktbly or to hire someone is explained on the website. Check out their Instagram account for more information!

Iktbly's Guide to Successful Freelancing - IKTBLY
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