Clutter No More: Here Are 6 Arab Brands That Will Marie Kondo Your Life

Clutter and mess bring along stress. Now imagine a home where your drawers are sectioned and a fridge where food is packed in titled containers, the idea alone is enough to soothe you. So we brought you six Arab brands that will make your life easier with their home organization products and services.

Decluttr Me

“Organized people are just too lazy to look for things,” Decluttr Me posted on its Instagram account and we couldn’t agree more. The founder of the company has an endless passion for organizing and decluttering homes and offices. The Dubai-based company sells organizing products, it also offers people the service of organizing their homes and tailoring their homes to their needs.

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Tidy Mess

The Dubai-based company aims to reorganize cluttered homes. The Tidy Mess brings the art of organizing closer to the Middle East by helping people get rid of unwanted items and rearranging the things they choose to keep. You can visit their website and buy their products online, or you can book them to help clear out your house!

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Closets Unlimited

Closets Unlimited can help you renovate your home and transfer it to a haven of elegance. The company offers consultations for clients, sells items and helps you design, build and install them! It will introduce modernism to your home.

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Breathing Room

Located in Fujairah, UAE, the Breathing Room helps create a happy, stylish home that oozes productivity and practicality. It helps you organize your home with containers to store your makeup, laundry, or food.

Customizable Bin Clips
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The brand’s main goal is to offer its clients ultimate convenience. Its products are smart and compact, suitable for a variety of items.

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This Egyptian brand helps you pack and store your things easily. It offers various bags and totes for easy travel and easy stashing. You can buy their products online by placing an order through their Instagram account.

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