The Food Ranger Hits the Streets of Egypt in Search of the Finest Local Dishes

Via YouTube

As we all know and it goes without saying, food is an Egyptian culture and way of life. Yes, Egypt is known for its long history, rich heritage, hospitable people, and vibrant culture. But seriously, food makes a huge part of our culture. In fact, food says a lot about a country and its people. Food can even be considered a language on itself, a way of communication between two people from different worlds. You’ll be surprised at how it could get people together!

Trevor James, a Canadian foodie/traveler, makes sure to reflect that kind of magic in the air through his YouTube channel, The Food Ranger. As James hits the streets of countries all over the world, he focuses on street food and local food in his videos to get to get a closer look at the people and the culture.

Lucky for us, the foodie paid the ancient land of Egypt a visit and we’re surprised at how he managed to find these local restaurants. Yes, some are super famous like El Brens, Koshari Abou Tarek, and Alexandria’s iconic Alban Swissra, but really, kudos to you, Trevor!

James, first went out on a street food excavation in Alexandria to try out all of the Pearl of the Mediterranean’s specialties himself. His taste buds were lucky enough to explore Egyptian breakfast the Alexandrian way, the city’s famous cheese fondues, and of course, the trip wouldn’t have been the same without seafood! Less than a week later, he released another video where he strolled around the streets of Cairo and discovering the city’s most authentic culinary creations. The dude’s literally had it all; koshari, feteer, molokheya, you name it!

WE SAID THIS: Bon appetit, James! Check out The Food Ranger’s website for the restaurants’ locations in Alexandria and Cairo.