Dubai International Airport Replaces Passport Checks With Facial Recognition Cameras

When will Dubai ever stop impressing us? Long gone are the days when you stand in endless queues amongst thousands of travelers just to get a passport stamp. In another mega move towards implementing artificial intelligence, passport security checkpoints will be replaced by a face-scanning virtual aquarium by the end of summer 2018.

Once you pass through the tunnel, you will either be greeted by a “Have a nice trip!” message or a red sign that will alert security. Yikes! Well, that’s expected at the ‘Smart Tunnel’ at Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport. According to The National, the tunnel, displaying high-quality images of an aquarium, is lined with 80 hidden cameras that will scan every passenger face and iris.

“The fish is a sort of entertainment and something new for the traveler, but at the end of the day, it attracts the eyes of travelers to different corners of the tunnel for the cameras to capture his/her faceprint,” said Major Gen Obaid Al Hameeri, Deputy Director General of Dubai Residency and Foreign Affairs.

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