The Best Places to Get Inked in Lebanon

Getting a tattoo is definitely a life commitment if only more people were aware of that fact that they would surely think more than once about the design they want before getting one. Hopefully, I’ll be seeing less Hello Kitties or owl tattoos!

All the walls and streets of Lebanon are covered in art, making Beirut one of the main centers when it comes to the tattoo scene in the Middle East. Tattoos, especially Arabic calligraphy, are not only the trend now but also tattoos, in general, are less of a taboo in the region. That’s mainly because not very long ago tattoos were considered as forbidden art in the Arab region. However, now it has become more popular and people are just becomeing more accustomed to seeing it.

Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, is the hottest place to get a tattoo done, as they have not only the best places but also the most talented artists. Here’s a list of the best studios around town where you can get inked.

American Body Art

Located in Beirut, Lebanon, they offer not only tattoos but also piercings for both men and women. All artists are European, trained, and highly qualified. Most importantly, the place follows a strict hygiene standard that is approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Health.

Lost Boys Tattoo Inc.

This Beirut-based studio not only has one of the best tattoo artists but also has the best customer service around; the place will make you feel just like home. They also offer piercings for men and women with a unique collection of accessories and jewelry.

House on Mars

Also, located in Beirut, their tattoo artists have been practicing tattooing and piercing for over 10 years, and they specialize in Arabic calligraphy. The place also offers an impressive collection of piercing accessories and jewelry.

Lighthouse Tattoo

Lighthouse tattoo is a piercing and tattoo shop located in the capital. Their artists are more than talented; their tattoos are known to be insanely realistic, as they offer 3D tattoos. This place is highly recommended!

Deep-Ink Tattoo by El-Harb

Deep-Ink is a tattoo studio located in Beirut, whose owner, El-Harb, is an amazing and very talented tattoo artist. The place is famous for creating various types of tattoos with different artistic designs. The employees are very professional, the studio will make you feel comfortable, and from a hygienic perspective it’s very clean.

Morbid Tattoo by Ahmed Jomaa

Ahmed Jomaa is a very talented artist, he’s a tattoo, airbrush and concept artist; his art is very unique and distinguished. Morbid is one of the best places to get inked in Lebanon.

Dirany Tattoo Studio

The place is owned by a Danish-Lebanese tattoo artist whose art has taken the internet by storm! Among other artists, Dirany with his talent have managed to be part of Lebanon’s first tattoo festival.

Pure Vision Tattoo by David

The studio is owned by David the tattoo artist who with his creative vision in the art of tattooing managed to establish his name in Lebanon. He also offers scars coverage, airbrushing, as well as henna. The studio’s vibe will make you feel at ease while being tattooed; cleanliness and hygiene are major factor there.

Skin Deep Tattoo by Hady Beydoun

Also, a tattoo and body piercing studio that has a very comfortable and friendly environment. They make one of a kind tattoo designs, as Hady, the tattoo artist has been doing this since the ’90s. With this much of experience in the tattoo market, his talent is indescribable!

WE SAID THIS: Do your homework before going for the needle!