The Aftermath: Of Love

Call me a lover


You can either fight it or conform, to face the agony of it or to turn your back once and for all and never look back at love. Is love even real? Or are we tricked by an idea of what can hold our ground and bring us to the edge of desire? Too many questions about love have been asked, but did we ever get an answer or will we remain abandoned with our hearts staring high up above to the stars, when a star can die in the blink of an eye?

When love hit the heart, were we ever ready for it? Or did it crash your system and bring you six feet under when you were peacefully living in a world of your own. Our worlds are different; they were never meant to be ruled by two kingdoms, so will we ever be able to be in a relationship ruled by two? Or will we keep struggling our way through, pretending that we can co-exist in a room of faults, when the only way out was a door with no keys, no loophole.




In the name of love, we all stand face to face, eye to eye. In the aftermath of love, streams of sorrow drown our thoughts that killed our hearts, but what is more dangerous than an open heart? Always ask yourself: Did you say it? Did you say it? They are the love of your life, did you say it? From time to time, look around you, know where you are and reconcile your insecurities and fears and say it. Find that person and do not walk out until the waters of hope dry up, that’s when you leave.

You grow out of it, whether with baggage of anger or unconditional care towards that special someone that you used to call a lover. The aftermath starts with a mindset of not understanding who you are anymore. You know that you want to escape your latest perception of what was lustful love, to overcome the fear of losing that person, but you are just too consumed with the memories that swept you off your damn feet a long time ago, that might not even exist now in the battlefield you’re in.




That’s when you start knowing that it’s time to just fucking run away and never look back. You promised so many promises that are now unlit candles floating in a pool of sorrow, one that will just make you drown beneath the power of gravity. Just keep moving forward with your own life that belongs to you and only you. It was all a mistake, wasn’t it? It was a bad time of complete and absolute madness, which you will always look back on. Just know that you did yourself more wrong than you did anyone else.

“Do we have control over our minds? Or are we victims of the mind? How does this whole thing work, and why are we so fragile when it comes to love? Questions are there to be answered, and when you find yourself at parting times of the unquestionable, you decline life and stay away, as far as you can bear not to sting in the aftermath of a sold out, emotionless place that was called love.” – The Other Mind Of You & I




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