Tap Into Egypt’s Rich History Through China’s Very Own Virtual Tour Dubbed ‘Horizon Of Khufu’

Bringing a taste of Ancient Egypt all the way to China, Chinese tourists can now experience the rich history of Egypt’s pyramids of Giza through Shanghai’s very own virtual tour, Horizon Of Khufu. Using a VR backpack and augmented reality headset, visitors immediately get teleported into a 45-minute experience where they will get up close and personal with the tomb of King Khufu as well as the enclosed spaces inside the pyramid of Khufu. Visitors also get to climb up to the top of the Pyramid and enjoy panoramic views of the city of Cairo.

The entire Khufu virtual experience takes place in a 500 square meter area inside one of the shopping complexes of Shanghai. It introduces the power and potential of virtual reality to act as a bridge between countries and cultures, offering unique cultural experiences around the world. This technology also has the capacity to preserve the rich heritage of many of the world’s historical landmarks.

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