Tamer Amin Suspended After Misogynistic Comments About Rania Elwani’s Husband

The Egyptian media syndicate is not messing around and another TV host just bitten the dust. Just when we thought Reham Saeed is the only suspended anchor to make headlines, Tamer Amin follows her lead.

The Egyptian TV host has been banned from appearing on screen after reviewing the Law No. 93 of 2016 on the issuance of the Law on the Media Syndicate. The presenter is currently not registered in the syndicate’s register and does not have a temporary permit to practice media activity.

The decision came after Amin was accused of insulting Egyptian swimmer and gynocologist Rania Elwani’s husband by the National Council of Women.

The athlete was explaining that her husband was helping with their son’s studying while she was on air and Amin was less than impressed that a man is staying home while his wife is working and winning medals. A joke, but a tasteless and tacky one.

According to Masrawy, Amin plans on rectifying his position with the syndicate today to continue airing his show ‘Akher ElNahar’ as scheduled.

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