How To Make Your Next Special Occasion a Viking Themed One

Viking-themed celebrations have recently gained popularity, thanks to prominent TV shows and characters that have piqued everyone’s interest. More and more people have had Viking-themed celebrations for the young and old alike, and if you’re leaning towards this motif, here’s how you can achieve that:

Start with a plan

Whether you’re working on a small occasion by yourself (like your child’s birthday), or whether you have a complete team to help you out for a grand occasion, everything always begins with a plan. A plan is essentially where you outline the details of your event. In particular, take note of the following:

  • The targeted number of guests
  • Potential venues, and whether it is going to be an outdoor event or an indoor one—do check for the weather, too!
  • List of suppliers such as caterers, music providers, and hosts, if any
  • The decoration plan

As you plan, be sure to come up with a Plan B, too, just in case your first options are unavailable.

Shop for supplies

Shopping for supplies takes just as much time and effort as the planning process does, but because your theme is already set, you can start this step early. Your list of Viking supplies to purchase will be dependent on the specific details of the venue, the decoration plan, and the food you’ll come up with during the planning stage.

Have Viking-themed games

No party is ever complete without games, which can encourage socialization. Especially if your partygoers are Viking enthusiasts as well, they will be more than happy to participate in your games. Examples of Viking games that you can include in your party are the following:

  • Pin the nose on the dragon
  • Dragon fire-breathing shots contest through a Viking drinking horn
  • The Viking boat is sinking
  • Viking quiz or bring-me requests

Send out your Viking invites

When the date of your event is near, it’s time to send out invites, usually around a week before the party. To complement your theme, your invitations also can use Viking-inspired designs. Examples of Viking-themed invites that you can adopt include:

  • Shield-shaped invites
  • Boat-shaped invites
  • Dragon-shaped invites that open up to a fire-shaped portion containing the details of the event

Go all out with the decorations

The more decorations, the merrier! You will want your Viking party to have a top-notch theme, and for your guests to appreciate the overall feel of the party. When your guests enjoy your themed party and your decorations, they can further immerse themselves in the party or even be inspired by your creativity.

As you decorate, remember the following:

  • Do not be too grand on the table centerpieces so it would not prevent people from seeing each other clearly across opposite sides. Instead, install the bigger or more elaborate decorations around the venue instead, such as on the walls, doors, and ceilings.
  • Have Viking-themed plates, or cups and drinking horns.
  • Put dragons by the entrance doors, and even by the windows.
  • Have boat-shaped chairs.
  • Fill up the ceiling and floors with Viking paraphernalia, such as Viking-designed costumes placed on life-sized standees.


Having a theme can make your whole event look well put-together, not to mention give your guests a unique experience. Because of its popularity and distinct charm, having a Viking-inspired theme will make your party the talk of the town.

WE SAID THIS: Like any other party, you have to plan it well, but don’t forget to enjoy the organizing process, too!