Reham Saeed Denies Weight-Shaming Egyptians in Another Controversial Video

Tv host, Reham Saeed, is no stranger to controversial statements. Whether it’s for traffic and show ratings, a pre-written script that she blindly narrates or her true thoughts, it seems that Saeed will need a lot of time to recover from social media’s wrath.

Last week, the Egyptian TV anchor faced some serious backlash after blatantly calling overweight people a burden to society. Saeed claimed that such women only end up marrying similarly obese people and they repeatedly complain about being dumped by partners.

ريهام سعيد ( المريضة حسب مااعلنت ) .. الناس التخينة ميتة عبء على اهلها وعلى الدولة !! الناس التخينة تشوه المنظر !! عندما يمارس التنمر من خلال اعلامية على شاشات الفضائيات .. رساله توضح الى اين وصل حال الاعلام ?

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Egypt’s social media backfired and the show was suspended. Soon after, the National Council for Women filed a complaint against her where she ended up being interrogated by the Supreme Council for Media Regulation for insulting obese women.

The syndicate announced that Saeed is not a member of the syndicate and demands the situation to be rectified. Saeed soon took to social media to announce that she will quit her job and denied weight-shaming Egyptians. Yet, her previous statements were loud and clear.

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