Taking Your First Jet Charter? Use These Four Tips!

You have a trip to make, but this one will be a little different. Instead of using a commercial airline, you’re going to work with a New York private jet charter service. In order to get the most from the trip, it pays to know a few tricks that seasoned travelers use often. Here are four tips that will help you feel like an old hand at charter flights. 

Schedule the Trip Well in Advance

It’s true there are services that offer flights with relatively little notice. File that fact away for future use. In your situation, you know about the impending trip weeks in advance. Now is the time to arrange the charter flight.

Why does this matter? Booking the trip as much in advance as possible allows more time to plan the particulars and work with the service to ensure everything is to your liking. It also provides more time for you to think of questions that should be asked before you show up to board the jet. 

Choose the Aircraft Carefully

Many charter services offer a selection of jets that can be used for the trips. Always ask what’s available and learn a bit about the setup for each. You want to know little things like how the seating is arranged, if there will be the need to refuel along the way, and what sort of features the jet provides. 

Keep in mind that the cost may vary somewhat based on the aircraft that you choose. This is one of the cases where a lower price may or may not be the best deal for you. Consider all the features before making a choice and let cost be a secondary concern. This will ensure you’re happier with the accommodations. 

Confirm the Luggage Limits

Typically, luggage weights and the number of bags allowed is greater than what you would get with a commercial flight. Even so, there are limits. One of the questions you want to ask in advance is how much luggage you can bring along and how much the total weight can be. This will help you determine if anything needs to be shipped ahead of the flight, or if you can take everything with you. 

Know What’s Included and What Costs Extra

Many of the features and amenities are included in the basic fee. Others are available for an additional charge. Your goal is to know which is which and plan accordingly. 

Ask about little things like Wi-Fi, satellite phone service, meals, entertainment options, and other types of features you may want to use while on the flight. Make sure there is no misunderstanding about the expense involved with any features that are not part of the basic plan. This makes it all the easier to decide what you need and what you’re willing to pay for in addition to the basic reservation. 

Remember that charter services make great efforts to accommodate every request of the client. Feel free to ask about anything and listen closely to the response. You’ll be surprised at how creative and supportive many of the Canadian jet charter services will be, even if the request is a little out of the box.

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