Meet Abdullah Karram, A Refugee Who Turned His Getaway into a Video Game

Abdullah Karam, a game developer, and Syrian refugee has recently created Path Out, an autobiographical game which is based on Karam’s experience as a young Syrian artist who fled the Syrian civil war back in 2014. Karam co-created the adventurous game under the Austrian game studio Causa Creations. I can’t be more amazed by his creativity. The game is incredibly relatable to Syrian, if not all refugees.

Path Out is a documentary-style video game, and as I mentioned above, it’s about Karam’s escape from Hama in Syria to Europe. Although, the game only allows you to make it to Turkey, where the main character Karem hides in an oil barrel in order for him to get across the borders all the way to Turkey. However, Georg Hobmeier, the co-founder of Casa Creations believed that in the game’s final form, it could be divided into four different chapters where each describes a part of the journey that took Abdullah from Central Syria all the way to Austria.

The goal behind Karem creating Path Out is to simply make gamers rethink their views and opinions regarding refugees and the concept of migration. This video game is a story that is full of surprises, challenges and paradoxical humor. It gives insight on this real-life adventure, on which Abdullah comments throughout the youtube-style video in the game.

WE SAID THIS: Path Out is now available on  & Steam!