Supporting Middle Eastern Refugees: A Guide to Charity Organizations

Several organizations are stepping up to aid those in need as a result of the ongoing refugee crisis and the natural disasters that are occurring in Syria and the rest of the region. These organizations offer assistance to refugees, displaced children, and those afflicted by natural disasters.

To honor and raise awareness of their noble goals, we will shine some light on these organizations and the initiatives and projects they have been placing.

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund 

Founded in 1992, The Palestine Children’s Relief mainly provides injured children in Palestine with medical care. Since then, they have grown into a global organization with thousands of volunteer medical teams providing local treatment to sick children. To support Palestinian refugees in Jordan, they distribute nebulizer kits and medical shoes as well as train the local community-based organizations to respond to the needs of children that are psychologically traumatized by exposure to the violence in Gaza.


International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) was established in 1933 to help people affected by humanitarian crises to survive, recover, and rebuild their lives. They now work in more than 40 countries across numerous continents, including the Middle East. In order to guarantee the continuous flow of medications, supplies, and equipment in 2021, they collaborated with national and international organizations to support nearly 1.2 million individuals in Syria. Additionally, they manage health clinics and send out mobile medical teams, which have benefited more than 120,000 refugees and those in need in Jordan.

Middle East Children Alliance 

Since their creation in 1988, Middle East Children Alliance have continued delivering food and medical aid to Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq. The organization was able to provide over 100 scholarships at Palestinian universities annually to enable students to obtain relevant skills. They established 73 water purification and desalination units around the Middle East, providing 90,000 children with access to clean water.


Doctors Without Borders 

Doctors Without Borders provide medical assistance in 72 countries to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, including the Middle East region. They also provide medical and psychological assistance to people affected by the ongoing conflict in Palestine as well as support migrants and refugees in Egypt. Over the years, they were able to provide access to healthcare to people in different regions. For instance, they have admitted 24,600 patients to hospitals, assisted with 16,800 births, and had 137,100 outpatient consultations in Iraq.

Save the children 

According to research from Save the Children’s 2020 Global Childhood Report, the Middle East has the highest number of children forcibly displaced by conflict, with Syria and Yemen being two of the most dangerous countries for children. In Syria, they offer healthcare, education and clean water services. As for Jordan, which hosts more refugees than any other country in the world, Save the Children runs early childhood programs to help children prepare for school, as well as provide child-friendly spaces that give children the chance to learn and socialize too.

We urge proper research before giving money to any charitable organization.

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