This Stunning Video Perfectly Captures the 8-Year Wait for the Louvre Abu Dhabi

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The wait is finally over after long eight years and a tons of delayed dates. The opening of the Louvre’s first outpost outside of France has happened, and they even published a video to show how long of a journey this was — and how much it was worth it.


Moreover, the public was officially allowed a four-day entry along with entertainment and workshops last weekend, in celebration of the opening. The museum was introduced to the world by Sheikh Mo, French President Emmanuel Macron and more Arab royals.


“Thousands of hours of man power and some of the most advanced available construction techniques were essential to come to be the architectural masterpiece that it is today,” The National reports. The company EarthCam has captured and published a sneak peek into the Louvre in an astonishing time-lapse video from 2009 to 2017.



According to the National, the video consists of more than one million high resolution images, including billion pixel panoramas. The cameras of EarthCam are designed to endure all the environmental challenges, even the ones that are not familiar to the Middle East.


They also mentioned that the “EarthCam’s team installed 10 megapixel cam time-lapse cameras strategically throughout the project site, archiving progress from more than 50 different perspectives before reviewing more than 70,000 hours of archive footage.”



WE SAID THIS: Wow, just wow.

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