Storytelling On Jumeira’s Bus Stops: Brand Dubai Unveils the 2nd Phase of the Jumeira Project

Let the nostalgia and art meet the streets and bloom at the bus stops. Brand Dubai, the creative sector of Dubai Media office has unveiled its 2nd phase of the ‘Jumeira project’ in collaboration with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). Created under the theme of ‘Memories of Jumeira’, the project features installations that celebrate one of Dubai’s most prominent neighborhoods. The project is developed by international artists and the artworks have been set in select bus stops along Jumeira Road reaching from the Dubai Canal to Jumeira Al Naseem.

Brand Dubai aims to highlight unique character as a destination that offers diverse creative, aesthetic, and social experiences for residents and visitors. According to Shaima Al Suwaidi, City Branding Manager of Brand Dubai said: “The launch of the second phase of the Jumeira Project contributes to realizing the broader vision to transform Dubai into an open-air museum that celebrates creativity and aesthetic excellence. The art experiences support the effort to create a vibrant new creative ambiance in the neighborhood while portraying its distinctive heritage, modernity, and innovative spirit.”

These installations are designed to appeal to all age groups and communities and certainly add some beauty and color to the streets of Dubai. Brand Dubai have done it right and these artworks evoke nostalgia for Dubai’s past while others celebrate its futuristic aspirations.

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