Stay Safe and Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home With These 6 Ideas

Many of us are relieved that the most eventful year of our lives has finally come to an end, and for that, we deserve to celebrate and throw it all behind! Or maybe not throw it all just yet because we still need to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. So even if we can’t party or attend our usual new year’s eve concerts or crash at a friend’s house, we should still figure out a way to make this night a memorable one. And just like this year was different in everything, we’re going to have a one of a kind celebration to mark its last day.

Wear new winter pyjamas

Since many of us hate the hassle of getting glammed up, and especially in winter, all we want to do is keep ourselves warm and comfy. Buy yourself new winter pyjamas and wear them for new year’s eve. And for extra jolly vibes, get matching pjs with your siblings or your partner and take memorable pictures together.

Get dressed up anyway

Just because you aren’t going out, doesn’t mean you can’t party at home. Some of us actually miss partying so perhaps you can pamper yourself with a mini party in the living room. Dress up, put on some makeup, and decorate your living room like a party hall and you have it all settled.

Line up a movie marathon

We all have a list of movies that we want to watch, but never have the time to spare for them. Pick some movies from each one’s list, grab your favorite munchies, switch off the lights, and you’re all set for a family movie marathon.

Prepare a Mason jar

Before new year’s eve, you can write down some motivational quotes with the same number of family members in your household, and place them in a jar. On new year’s eve, each one would pick a motivational message as a hopeful start to the year. And if you’re feeling grateful and want to reflect on your blessings, you can ask everyone to write what they’re grateful for and place it in the jar, so you can look back at it next year and feel content.

Play board games or video games

Depending on your interest and what you enjoy more, you can take out all your board games that you haven’t had the time to play in a long time, probably since the last lockdown. If you prefer video games however, you can stick to your playstation and play with your virtual friends or force your siblings into it for a change.


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It’s always a good time to bake! If you’re a family, a couple, or a single person, baking is a fun activity whether you’re alone or have company. Decide on the type of cake you want to make to say goodbye to 2020, and just make sure you buy all the ingredients you need beforehand.

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