Star Wars’ Fans, Summon your Lightsabers for that Dubai Mall has a One of a Kind Exhibit

As a Star Wars fan myself, I find it really hard to pass on writing such a piece of news! If you’re living in Dubai and you happen to be a Star Wars fanatic, then what I’d recommend is that you rock the movie’s main title while reading the rest of this article.

The Dubai mall just announced that they are hosting a one-of-its-kind event for Star Wars that will feature more than 40 life-size figures such as Darth Vader, Boba Fett, K-2SO, death troopers, and an army of stormtroopers. Don’t know if Han Solo or Princes Liah will make it though, but don’t you love the element of surprise?

The Star Wars The Exhibit will be on display in the Grand Atrium until December 30.

According to What’s On Dubai, To celebrate the opening of the exhibit on Saturday, local members of the 501st Legion – the international organization of Star Wars fans – marched through the mall dressed in costume replicas of their favorite Star Wars villains.

WE SAID THIS: May the force be with you!