SNL’s Nancy Salah Meets Her Biological Mother After 27 Years of Being Apart

Go and get yourself a box of tissues, because what you’re about to watch will make you cry a river!

In an intense episode of Mona El Shazly’s Prime time show, “Ma’akom Mona El Shazly”, with the “Saturday Night Live Bel 3arabi” cast, we got to learn that Nancy Salah, an actress on the SNL crew, recently just met her mother after 27 years!

Salah, who starred previously in “Sukkar Mor”,  explained how she had spent her life away from her mother, not even having a glimmer of understanding to how the woman looked like. Her parents divorced when she was a baby, which led to her father forbidding her from seeing her mother throughout her adolescence and adult life.

This led Nancy, to peruse an acting career, in hopes that she would appear on TV and her mother would see her. Little did she know that, that would happen for real!

WE SAID THIS: One should never lose hope, there is always a happy ending!