Sliders: The Ultimate Proof That Size Doesn’t Matter

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When choosing a place to eat, I consider several things: food quality, prices, cheese, and portion size! The first time I visited Sliders with a friend, I wasn’t really excited; primarily because of the very definition of the word “sliders.”


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‘Slider’ is an American term for a small sandwich. And I – as a hardcore foodista – care very much about portion sizes; thus, I don’t find “we don’t care about sizes, we care about quality” to be an appealing thought.


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Sliders, however, has proved me wrong on so many levels. Firstly, while looking at the menu, it is physically impossible to pick just one item; and this is exactly when the small portion sizes come in handy. Secondly, quality of food served for the money paid is more than a satisfactory trade-off; the sandwiches are relatively cheap for their size and the quality of ingredients in them. Indeed, the soft slider buns they use for their sandwiches are so addictive and are always freshly made.


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Moreover, places that serve good Mac n’ Cheese are limited in Cairo, and I’ve probably tried all of them! I can shamelessly say that Sliders’ serve the best and most budget-friendly Mac n’ Cheese. Finally, I have ordered takeout from Sliders several times, and the food always arrives hot, fresh, and within a reasonable time frame.



WE SAID THIS: I highly recommend an order of plain Mac n’ Cheese, alongside a Chicken Supreme Slider Sandwich, and/or a Madman Slider Burger.