Skip the Overpriced Parties and Throw the Perfect NYE Bash at Home With These Tips!

Why should you host a NY party at home? Well, because a rocking NYE shouldn’t be that stressful. Wanting to start the year “right” forces us to make certain arrangements well in advance; like even at the most casual bars they require you to buy tickets or to spend a minimum ahead of time. I mean talk about the inconvenience!

But, a house party is always a good idea. All you need is a little planning along with a dash of creativity and you’re all set to host an awesome and memorable NY bash with your friends, welcoming 2020 with a simple and enduring combination of food, drinks, and good conversation.

To help you achieve a flawless and fun party you need to set up your house with stationed drinks and appetizers and plan a memorable meal.

It’s also important to set the tone of your house by creating the right environment for your guests so that they can get comfortable and have a good time. If you’re hosting a larger group, it’s always a good idea to have a theme for your party; it can be a fancy black-tie party or you can go with another theme! Get your guests excited by planning their attire in advance.

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Since NY parties tend to last longer, it’s best to set up games like cards, charades, or monopoly. Have everyone write down their resolutions and guess which resolutions belong to who, or a prediction for the New Year.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get festive, and remember it’s all in the details; the overall atmosphere, food, and drinks are a huge part of hosting a successful party. The small details never go unnoticed.

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