Six Common Home Organizing Mistakes Every Homeowner Makes

Achieving an organized home is at the top of the to-do list of almost every homeowner out there but it’s also one of the hardest tasks to complete and maintain.

Organizing is all about finding the right place for all your items, however, it’s very easy to choose the wrong places and turn your tidying project into a wasted effort.

Most times, it’s the minor tweaks that really make a difference. Here are seven organizing mistakes most homeowners make and how you can avoid them.

Getting Organizers Before Decluttering

Most people have the misconception that buying home organizers is the solution to their organizing problems, especially due to how they’re advertised. In reality, they come in at the end of the organizing process.

Firstly, it’s important to ensure that you’ve decluttered by going through all of your belongings and discarding or donating items that you don’t use or don’t need. After you know what you’re left with, knowing which organizers to buy with the right size and type will be easier.

Stacking All of Your Clothes and Crockery

Although stacking might appear tidier at first glance, it’s highly nonfunctional once you need to find a shirt that’s stuck in between all your other clothes. Storing items vertically saves a lot more time and gives you a better view of your options.

This principle applies to kitchenware as well. Setting plates and cutlery in a vertical way can improve reachability and leave you more space.

Leaving Things on the Counter

Unwinding all the items you’re carrying on the kitchen counter after you enter your home is a common bad habit that clutters kitchen counters and makes your entire house look messy.

Only keep the appliances and items you use daily on the counter to make them more convenient for you to use. If you tend to leave pots and pans on the counter, try to store them on shelves beneath your stove instead.

Filling Kitchen Cabinets Randomly

Looking neat only on the outside isn’t the goal, so completely filling up your pantry and leaving a mess behind closed doors is not an option. The mess only gets worse with time and makes it inefficient to find the items you need in time.

Setting up a good organizing system is crucial here. Reorganize the cabinets with your essentials, condiments, and items you use daily on the front. Labeling food storage containers can also make your life much easier.

Ignoring Your Wall Space

There are a lot more storage options available to you in addition to organizers, cabinets, and drawers. Instead of filling up your bins and taking up floor space with another shelving unit, utilize your wall space. You could also buy furniture like Barefoot Gypsy – Boho Style Furniture, that doesn’t take up much room.

With wall space, you have countless options like pegboards, floating shelves, wooden crates, and shoe organizers. Not only does it make storage more accessible but it’s also more efficient.

Trying to Do it All in a Day

While it’s good to be optimistic that you could declutter your entire house in a day if you put your mind to it, it’s an easy way to get disappointed and disheartened if you don’t.

Clutter can be overwhelming once you start to get rid of it one by one. Try organizing and decluttering one room at a time. Give yourself enough time to get to it all as one or two Sundays won’t be enough.

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