Should I Report My Car Accident to My Insurance?

In California, just like most states, there’re no established laws that require you to report a car accident to your insurance provider. Understandably, when people are involved in a car accident, they don’t see the need of alerting their insurance provider, especially when it is not their fault. However, from my experience in the legal domain, it’s not a good idea not to notify your insurance provider.

In Fresno, filing a claim against the negligent driver is probably not enough. Whether the accident was minor or fatal, it is good to inform your insurance about it as soon as possible.

Besides informing your insurance company, it’s also a good idea to inform your Fresno car accidents attorney to help you with the filing process. In California, for instance, you’ve up to 3 years to file a claim, otherwise, your claims will be denied.

That said, here are 4 reasons why you should report your car accident to your insurer:

It is a Contract Requirement

Fulfilling the needs of an insurance policy is essential in maintaining your contract with the insurance company. Fresno insurance companies require you to fulfill all your contract requirements. They provide a timeframe within which you should make your car accident report.

Don’t put your entire contract at risk by failing to follow the requirement. Insurance companies in California are profit-oriented organizations and they do not gain when honoring your claims. They won’t hesitate to deny your claims if all your contract requirements are not met.

Car accidents are known to cause vehicle damages (which render it as junk) and personal injuries. In most cases, the negligent part tends to be uncooperative and you could need help from your insurer. So, whether you need compensations or not, make sure you meet the requirements of your contract. You might need coverage in the future.

Your Car Needs to be Repaired

Your insurance company can authorize the repairs for your vehicle. After filing a claim with the other driver’s insurance, you might find it faster to claim for a repair with your insurer. Settlements from the negligent party insurance take months.

The process of getting compensation could require a lot of time than you think. It takes even more longer when your case has to be heard in court. Your attorney has to gather evidence and prove that you are not blameworthy of the accident.

However, your case may settle quicker if you hire an experienced Fresno car accidents lawyer for legal representation. When you cannot afford to pay for the accident damages, your insurance company can help you. You could also need to rent a car as you wait for yours to be repaired.

Your Insurer Can Protect You

The other insurance company of the negligent driver is determined to deny your claims. The fact that you are not at fault does not mean that the other driver will agree with your claims.

If you don’t have a strong defense, they can use their insurer’s adjusters to bring you at fault. These adjusters are also hired to find out whether your insurance policy has covered your damages. Thus, it is safe to inform your insurance first.

In such a situation, only a qualified attorney or your insurance company can defend you freely. According to the terms of your policy, the insurance company should protect you without asking for payment. 

When you are at fault, the other party may take advantage of your mistake and misuse you. But when you report to your insurer, they can help in damage evaluation.

Your Insurer can Cover Your Medical Expenses

You realize that car accidents may cause deaths and injuries. Getting a car repair is not the only thing you focus on after an accident. You have a right to get compensated for medical bills after an accident.

Emergency medical bills are usually hard to afford. If you notify your insurance at the right time, they may step in and pay such expenses. However, this depends on the type of insurance policy.

Besides, when you report your accident, you get a discount in case you decide to have no claims. You should make it clear when you don’t intend to make a claim.

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