Shopping During the Sale

So it’s no wonder that the most two interesting things happening this Ramadan are 1) the political events 2) the huge mid-season sale happening in most stores.

Just like politics; shopping through huge sales can be confusing, overwhelming and sometimes even disappointing. Just for you to make the best of it, and get all what you aim for; here’s how to make the best of shopping during the sale.

Planning: You should know which stores have what sales going on. Be nice to the store managers and sales people while shopping, befriending one of the sales people will make them tell you when are the sales and if there will be further reductions. Always sign up for one of these little cards, some stores have them; they can email or text you when they’re having a sale; that way you will be first to know.

If you just end up finding out about sales like anybody else, it’s not too late. Ask your friends who went already, how the collection is and what the sizes are. Go online and checkout the official websites for the stores, see the collection and the sizes.

The big day: this is the part where you get ready to go shopping. Avoid taking kids, whether they’re your kids or your nephews or whatever; just let go of them and send them to their grandmother or leave them with the daddy. Kids while shopping will not keep you focused on your main goal. Don’t take a man with you or a woman who doesn’t like shopping.

Personally I don’t take anybody; unless I need a second opinion I would put the item on hold for 24 hrs and get that second opinion. If you have more shopping friends, you may take them. Understand that you’re going shopping in a bad economy and low prices; avoid heels, low waist jeans, miniskirts, tight pants or anything hard to get out of. You need to wear something flat, and a practical outfit that’s easy to take off for fitting and easy to move in.

Start your day early, as soon as you hear about the sale, everybody probably already knows. Wake up at 9 am on a Friday morning, when everybody is sleeping you can start your shopping; that way you manage to avoid the crowds and get the goodies before everyone else. Keep playing nice with these sales people and store managers, they will show you what’s hidden.

I, once warned a store manager about money that was left inside a wallet I was going to buy after I didn’t find the model I liked, guess what? He got me the model I wanted in 5 minutes, he said he was keeping it for himself, but chose to give it to me. Prepare yourself to look for items off the shelves, some people would actually scout the stores and stash items they like till they come back not paying a deposit; these items are the best look for them.

Strategize, know your favorite stores and get to them before your less favorite stores. Don’t settle, if you find something that you’re not quite convinced with; just walk away and trust me you’ll find something better. Keep an open mind and welcome new ideas, if you have 2 or 3 things on your mind you might find other things to shop for at great prices; however never buy something that doesn’t match the things you already have in your closet.

Know what the return policies are during the sale, you never know what can be written in really tiny size that can affect you later.

If you’re in doubt then stick to classic pieces like (black pencil skirts, white shirts, fitted blazers, black leather bags, etc…) and statement pieces that will last (red lipstick, black eyeliner, gold necklaces, etc….). See what was missing in your closet and buy it, maybe it was too expensive when it wasn’t on sale. When you try on a piece and it doesn’t suit you, just walk away because you don’t love it; you just love the price.

It’s not wise to spend money on something that will never see day light; even if it’s half its price it won’t look good on you. Check the pieces you got while on your cashier line, there might be something faulty in it because it’s on sale.

After buying, keep your receipts with you. If you find anything faulty after buying it or you find further reductions and you’re still within the exchanging period, you can go exchange it from the store with your receipts.