Shereen Reda Gets Pranked by Ramez Galal

I think by now it’s obvious to everyone that Ramez Galal’z prank shows are staged. No one knows to what extent, but celebrities know they are on a prank trip. That being said, I’m no longer worried about the safety of the celebrities.

However, this year Ramez is offending everyone for different reasons. The man just can’t stop making fun of his guests; especially women. The episodes with Fifi Abdou and Shaimaa Seif were horrific. He shamelessly body shames everyone and every year it’s getting worse.

Viewers seem to love the last episode as the guest was Egyptian darling and actress, Shereen Reda. We did not expect the host to bully her because I honestly believe she would have punched him in the face; and also because she is a stunner; with or without makeup.

Watch Shereen Reda being as calm as it gets while being attacked by a gorilla:

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