Egypt’s Minister of Tourism, Rania Al Mashat Visits Pyramids with Tourists After Explosion!

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After the huge hit to tourism that followed the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and then the 2011 Arab Spring, the ministry of tourism in Egypt became one of the most challenging offices in the country; especially that Egypt is very dependent on the income of tourism.

One woman who is overcoming that challenge and has dirtied her hands to get the tourism back to Egypt is Her Excellency, Minister Rania Al Mashat, who came in office in 2018.

Al Mashat has initiated several different campaigns and activations to bring back tourism to Egypt from all over the world, and everyone is noticing the spike in tourism in the past couple of years!

This week, the minister went above and beyond to support Egyptian tourism by herself!

Via Ahram Online

The minister escorted South African tourists on their visit to the Egyptian landmark, the Great Pyramids of Giza, on Sunday after a bus explosion. The South African tourists were among a group 25 tourists who were targeted in the bus explosion near the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza on Sunday afternoon.

Al Mashat paid a visit to El Haram Hospital to check on the injured ones being treated and took the rest of them to the Pyramids along with the Governor of Giza and the South African Ambassador to Egypt.

This is not the first time that the minister goes the extra mile to improve tourism in Egypt. She’s constantly proving why she’s a great fit for the challenging office; especially that she’s the first ever woman to hold this position, and the youngest ever minister in Egypt.

The AUC Graduate was also the youngest person to work at the IMF when she first started working there, and right before she took her position as the tourism minister, she was the advisor to the Chief Economist to the IMF.

Al Mashat was one of the six speakers at the World Tourism Forum in Lucerne early this month. The forum is the leading interactive platform in the industry, and it plays a huge role in reshaping tourism in the world.

In a similar manner, she appeared on an interview promoting Egyptian Tourism with CNN’s John Defterios during the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai. She also talked about the Grand Egyptian Museum that will launch in 2020, and is set to the biggest museum in the world dedicated to a single civilization, where, for the first time, all of the approximately 5,000 artifacts from Tutankhamen’s tomb will be showcased.

WE SAID THIS: Looking forward to a brighter future for Egyptian tourism!