Shahin Zartosht: The Iranian Model You Seriously Need to Know About

International Iranian model and fashion designer, Shahin Zartosht, got banned from appearing on his homeland’s public TV. After receiving an invitation to appear on a popular TV show in Iran, Zartosht was informed that an order came from the Iranian TV Security department to ban the appearance of the public figure. The shocking news sounded pretty ironic to Zartosht as he said that this wasn’t his first time to be interviewed by Iranian press. He had several interviews with popular Iranian newspapers and magazines before, and the fact that he was banned from being on TV didn’t make much sense to him.



Zartosht’s fan page was also intercepted for Iranian users. This probably resulted as he criticized fashion policies in Iran in previous interviews with Iranian newspapers.



After studying Industrial Engineering at Islamic Azad University, and Fashion Design at British Oxford Cert and German Tickit Institutes, he started his professional modeling career in 2000 in Turkey with Canon Kozemtik at only the age of 12. He also worked in Dubai, and started receiving many modeling job offers. Additionally, Zartosht worked for reputable brands such as DC, Wilson and Cancel. In addition to modeling in Turkey and the UAE, he also modeled in Canada, Hong Kong and Malaysia. In addition to his modeling career and his fashion designing degrees, he also obtained a fashion styling certificate from the American TNRS Institute. In the year 2009, he founded his own brand ‘Zartosht’ , a brand that is specialized in limited edition apparel. Shahin is one of very few people who made their way to international fame, especially as a model.



Zartosht recently decided to move to Canada, and when we asked him if he would ever consider moving back to Iran he said, “Iran is my homeland and I would be happy If I can do anything to help the modeling and fashion industry grow in Iran.”



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