Portion Control Doesn’t Exist in the Middle East Because of These Dishes

Can you stop talking about portion control, because frankly, no one cares. Oh, and can we also just say that some Arab dishes defy the concept of portion control. Let us take you through a journey your belly will definitely appreciate it.



Like honestly, can you just eat one piece of mombar? 


Via Kahraman Restaurant



or a piece of dolma (ma7shi)!


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You either eat 10 pieces of sambousek or none at all


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Can you even eat koshari without kemala (refill)?


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Dem liver and sausage sandwiches though that you end up eating them like a Snorlax  


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The same applies to batates me7amara (french fries)


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As well as batata 7ara (spicy potatoes) 


Via Lebanon Food



Just look at this small scrumptious balls of heaven! How can you just have one or two or three and not have 100???


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Yes, we know you’re supposed to just have one stuffed pigeon but who has ever gotten full from just one?


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Do we even need to talk about falafel?


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Goulash! All the freakin’ goulash!


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It is actually impossible to just have one slice of feteer


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One piece of bala7 el sham and you won’t be able to stop until you’ve eaten 1000 pieces of them


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Zalabia is sadly as addictive as its brother (bala7 el sham)


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WE SAID THIS: And that’s why us Arabs are fat.