Seven Ways to Treat a Sunburn Fast


A tan is sexy, yet a sunburn is not. After a long day in the sun, you may find yourself with an infuriating sunburn! Immediate mediation is the key to avoid painful symptoms like peeling and itching from showing. Heal the discomfort with these seven ways to treat a sunburn fast.

1. Hydrate your body and drink plenty of water on the spot. This will cool down your body and bring it back to a normal temperature.

2. Aloe vera oil can be an excellent soothing moisturizer in case of a sunburn. Gently apply aloe vera oil directly on your skin or the affected area. The best thing about aloe vera is that it is unscented as your body tends to have very low tolerance to any perfumed lotions.

3. Take a pain killer immediately if you feel dizzy, extremely dehydrated or experiencing rapid heartbeats. It will lessen the pain in your skin and entire body as it will hinder possible inflammations too.

4. After a sunburn, wearing cotton or loose clothes is a must. Synthetic or cotton-free clothes tend to react badly with sunburnt skin.

5. Don’t expose yourself to sun for at least one day. When sunburnt, your skin is super sensitive and prone to any damage.

6. Keep away from touching your skin! You might want to peel or touch your irritated skin but try to avoid this at all costs as it will only make it worse.

7. Take a cool shower immediately if your skin got extra reddish. The cool water temperature will reduce inflammation and leave your skin soothed. It’s preferable that you wash your body with water only. If you don’t feel well enough to shower, take a bath instead of showering.


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