Saving Sahel: How To Do Summer In Your Living Room

It’s currently Sahel season; you know when people from the Middle East flock off to Egypt’s North Coast, enveloping themselves in an environment of pools, beaches, parties, seafood, and everything that is summer. However, not every person is fortunate to live the summer life. But fear not, we are giving you a guide on how to recreate Sahel on a budget from the comfort of your home.

Get A Swimming Pool

Why go to a pool or beach flooded with a hundred other people when you can have your very own? Here’s how you go about creating your own pool experience among your furniture. You head to your nearest kids’ store like Cairo’s Kams or really a supermarket, a blow-up pool will be available almost anywhere around this time of year. You get the swimming pool, you get a pump and you start pumping and with every pump, you are one step closer to your ultimate exclusive Sahel experience.

Via Shahid

Update Your Social Feed

You didn’t really go to Sahel if your social feed is not updated every five minutes with photos of sand and sea. The right way to go about doing so is to enter your room and flip through your closet until you get out your bathing suit. No need to take off your pyjamas, the beauty is in the layering. Now that you are dressed in your bathing suit with your pyjamas tucked below, don’t worry you can edit that later, you then need to focus on the ambiance. It’s all about the environment. In order to sell that you’re truly at Sahel, you grab your fan and turn on ocean waves crashing background and start posing.

Location, Location, Location

Location is key. When you go to Sahel, there are prime spots that encapsulate the trip. One of them is Kiki’s Beach Bar. So remember the same laptop that you used to create the ocean wave ambiance? Well, you’re going to use it again, only this time to print photos of Kiki’s Beach Bar and plaster them all across your living room.

Head for Exclusivity

Sahel is all about picking the right spots, the exclusive places that are hard to get into unless you know someone who knows someone to get you in. To create that exclusive experience that makes a place even more coveted is to bring your friends and have them block your room’s door. With velvet curtain ropes you’ll have them ask you to show reservation; then they glance at the restroom calling it “Bagno” or something fancy that everyone mispronounces, somehow making it part of the exclusivity and that’s of course fully booked.

Find Your Summer Beat

It’s all about the track you set for your summer. Whether it’s Gwen Stefani’s “Hollaback Girl” or Natasha Bedingdfield’s “Pocketful of Sunshine” you really have to believe it. As you select that track and start jamming your way through that mix that any DJ worth his salt would be envious of, your name will get called up to the kitchen counter; “Ms. your food is ready.” So you turn down the beat and head for the kitchen, where your mother who is sure isn’t a Michelin chef but she’s your personal chef has made you a fried chicken sandwich with fries and it’s on the house. Don’t forget to capture it for your feed before you dig in.

Via Shahid

All Roads Lead To Sahel

Now that you’ve done everything that you can possibly do at Sahel, the only thing left to do is deal with the roads and that’s the downside of travel just as if you really were there. So you are going to take a floaty, a few pillows, and maybe a comforter and throw them between yours and your sibling’s room, making it impossible to get to them; so you devise a plan. If this obstacle course reminds you of anything, well you’re right, it is just like it’s ridiculously difficult to get from Hacienda to Diplo. If you didn’t pick up on that may be because you’ve been doing Sahel at home too much?

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