Saudis Can Now Visit 63 Countries Without a Visa!

Out of all 200 countries in the world, you’re going to be surprised to know that with your Saudi passport you can now visit 63 countries without a prior visa. Those countries are welcoming you now with open arms, so you have absolutely no excuse to stop you from grabing your passport and travel right now.

Saudi officials have been working on loosening their visa regulations and welcoming more and more foreigners, so it’s no surprise that the Kingdom has reached that level of accessibility.

Via: lovinsaudi

Click here to get the full scoop on all 63 countries that you can visit, as well as its regulations and type of visa.

WE SAID THIS: “We want, as the Saudi people, to enjoy the coming days and concentrate on developing our society and developing ourselves as individuals and families while retaining our religion and customs” Mohammed Bin Salman.