Nadine Labaki Gives a Moving Speech Tackling the Plight of Stateless People

The amazing Lebanese filmmaker and UNHCR High Profile Supporter Nadine Labaki has recently given the most heartwarming speech in Geneva at the 2019 Nansen Refugee Award prestigious ceremony. Her speech literally left us all in tears.

According to the UNHCR, the Nansen Refugee Award is actually dedicated to honouring “individuals, groups and organizations who go above and beyond the call of duty to protect refugees, displaced and stateless people”. The Human Rights Lawyer, Azizbek Ashurov, was selected to win for this year’s UNHCR’s 2019 Nansen Refugee Award. His astonishing work supported the Kyrgyz Republic to become the first country to end statelessness in the world!

Statelessness is not an issue that we can take for granted; millions of people are suffering as you read this, due to the deprivation of their basic rights and services they are left marginalized both politically and economically, and the worst part is they’re discriminated against and particularly vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

Please check Nadine’s keynote speech below.

WE SAID THIS: We shouldn’t take statelessness for granted.