Saudi Prison Provides Inmates With Entertainment Programs

Dare we say Saudi Arabian prisons are more fun than yours? Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority, in partnership with Briman prison in Jeddah, decided to provide inmates with a wide range of entertainment.

According to Al Arabiya, prisoners can take part in theater and music courses and other cultural activities in hopes of preparing them for society. The launched programs are a part of a rehabilitation plan by the kingdom’s interior ministry.

“I feel like it’s a dream. I wasn’t expecting to be able to be part of an entertainment event which my family can come and share with me. This brought me happiness and confidence,” one prisoner told Al Arabiya.

Via Saudi Gazette

The Saudi Gazette posted photos of an in-prison wedding in Al-Ha’ir Prison. From a kosha, colorful flowers to a perfect dinner setup, it’s hard to believe this took place inside a prison in Saudi Arabia.

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