This Saudi Prince is Set to Open 10 Vegan Restaurants in the Middle East

Prince Khaled, Son of the billionaire Prince Walid bin Talal, aims to open 10 new vegan restaurants in the Middle East region. The Prince is trying to encourage the region’s population to move away from ‘conventional diets’ and live a healthier lifestyle.
He posted on his Facebook page that he aims to open a minimum of 10 vegan restaurants in the Middle East by 2020 and he even marked their locations.

The Prince aims to helping everyone in the region change their current lifestyles and start enjoying healthy food, “our region occupies parts of the top ten most obese counties in the world. This is crazy and frankly a joke we have reached this level,” he explained and called this his “personal commitment to the gulf for the gulf.”

WE SAID THIS: We are glad someone is aiming at making a change!